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Female Character Challenge

Day 12 (Part 1)—A Female Character in a Movie

Rose from Titanic

I cannot lie about this, but Titanic was one of my favorite movies as a kid.  When I first watched it I got a message out of it that everybody seemed to miss.  Then I would listen to people talk about how it’s just a love story.  A stupid one where Jack dies.  So I hated it for years.  Then I re-watched it when I was older and I got the same message out of it so I decided to share why Titanic was such an important to me and why Rose was such an important character to me as a child.

Rose is a young girl, 17, who is living a meaningless and superficial life.  It comes to the point where she cannot take it anymore and decides to take her life.  Enter Jack.  He saves her.  At the end of the film, Rose explains how that night Jack saved her in more ways than one.  He saved her on many different levels because he introduced to her a way to actually live life.  Not to sit around, look pretty, act stupid, marry for money and everything else that society tells her to do.

The narration illustrates the struggles of this life throughout the film while Jack fights it.  He lives on his own.  He doesn’t let the loss of his family stop him.  He travels the world, pursues his love for art and understands how to have a good time.  As Rose learns this he eventually tells her to “Never let go.”  The way I understood this is to keep living, which is why he sacrifices himself at the end.  Say what you want about his death.  But this is one of the ways that I viewed it.  Jack lived a short life.  But he actually lived unlike Rose.  She has yet to live.  Yes, she is alive.  There is a difference though.  In the narration, Rose explains that she did never let go because he saved her in more than one way from the start.  

My Favorite Moment: It’s the only time we as an audience have a chance to see who Rose really is after the Titanic.  She takes Jack’s name and abandons her old life.  Through photographs we see the adventures she took and the experiences she chased after.  My favorite is a photograph of her as an aviator.  Rose became a hero.  She taught me that it is important to take a chance and to push through what norms may tell me.  Of course, my life is not as superficial as the one she is born into of old money.  But I’m happy that whenever I see this movie I see a girl who grows up to be a great woman and a funny one even in her old age.  It’s a movie about letting go of the importance of materialism and take a chance to live and to never let go.

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